IIBA CPOA Certification Training

Course Overview

Product owners play an essential role in guiding the development and deployment of many organizations' most important products and services. In this course, Business Analysis for Product Owners (IIBA®-CPOA), you'll see how to integrate the mindset and best practices of business analysis into this role, and greatly enhance the value you offer to your product team and the value your product offers to customers. First, you'll learn more about the roles of product owners and business analysts, understanding the core functions and traits that make each so critical to organizational success. Next, you'll discover how to bring these two disciplines together, harnessing the combined power of product ownership analysis. Then, you'll explore the role of product ownership within the organization at large, and how an ownership analysis mindset can generate value even beyond the scope of your product team. Finally, you'll know how to align your product development efforts with organizational goals, ensuring the work that you and your team undertake is always helping to achieve your shared mission. By the end of this course, you'll understand why supplementing traditional product ownership with the insight and knowledge offered by business analysis practices will help you succeed as a product owner.

Exam Blueprint - CPOA Exam:

  • Type: 60 multiple choice, knowledge-based questions
  • Duration: 90 minutes

Knowledge areas:

POA Domain Percentage of Exam Coverage
Apply Foundational Concepts 10%
Cultivate Customer Intimacy 15%
Engage the Whole Team 15%
Make an Impact 15%
Deliver Often 15%
Learn Fast 15%
Obsess About Value 15%

Target audience/Who can attend

  • Product Owner professionals
  • Support Product Owners
  • Business analysis professionals
  • Professionals who execute different product ownership related works
  • Aspiring professionals who want to consider the exciting career path of Product Owner

Key Features/What you’ll learnt/Learning Objectives

  • You will understand the responsibilities of product management
  • Explore the frameworks, techniques, competencies, and concepts of POA
  • With over real-life case study examples, you will become a proficient expert
  • Learn how to apply POA with brilliant techniques
  • Learn how to apply product ownership and business analysis.


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